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yirdbirdsWell, is there any other way to welcome in the new year at Seend Acoustic Club. Just as they did in 2013 & 2014, these lovely and popular Wiltshire folk will be the opening act of the new season.  No doubt promoting their new album about Imber too!

The Yirdbards lead singer Paul Darby first came to prominence in the early ‘70s as one half of the duo Windfall, and over the ensuing years he used his musical talent to raise thousands of pounds for Greenpeace. In the ‘80s he became frontman for the R&B band the Dubious Brothers, but has more recently returned to his love of acoustic music. ‘I sing’ he says, ‘because it gives me pleasure. With The Yirdbards’ line up of cello and acoustic guitars, there’s more space for intimacy and subtlety. It’s more intricate. I just hope that people will be moved by our music in some way’Jamie Hawkins

Joining us to do the opening support slot is another local favourite Jamie R Hawkins displaying some of the finest songwriting and vocals we’ve ever seen at the club! Great start to the year!


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