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Wednesday 21st May 2014

Ben Maggs

Ben Maggs is an award winning Singer/Songwriter based in the Cotswolds. Crafted combining the beauty of acoustic guitar, orchestral influences and pure vocals, wrapped in the warmth of lead guitar, courtesy of Nigel Gardner, Ben’s music is an expression of truth, love and hope.

“Music is around us always. If you listen hard enough everything has its own rhythm, everything has its own song. I just listen really, really hard and craft my songs from the melodies I hear”, says Ben.

His ability to turn experience into musical expression has already won him great critical acclaim during shows throughout 2011, and he was voted ‘Best Male Solo Artist’ at this 2012’s prestigious People’s Music Awards. He is described as an “awesome talent”, “mesmerising” and “having the ability to create beauty from the air around him, weaving with his fingers the multicoloured blanket upon which his words will fall.”
Ben’s debut EP ‘Let in the Light’ was released in March 2012 and is available through his website and iTunes http://www.benmaggsmusic.co.uk/
In support for this evening will be John & Tony.

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Saturday 17th May 2014

Henry Priestman

clubIt’s time for the annual visit of one of our favourites and just like in previous years Henry will be teaming up with a local band, this time around though it is the beautiful Home Fires.

This legendary songwriter who penned all the 80s hits for The Christians including Ideal World, Forgotten Town, Hooverville has been making a bit of a name for himself since his career rebirth in 2009 having barely played or sung for 20 years.  Expect the unexpected, expect hilarity but most of all expect the most brilliant showmanship.

Henry’s website

The Home Fires

We have two support acts as usual, one of which is The Home Fires, old favourites from Wiltshire that we’ve not seen for a while,The Home Fires Black and White (Lo Res) stunning and unique music with beautiful harmonies and a whole load of weird and wonderful instruments too. They’ll be performing their own set along with accompanying Henry too. The Home Fires Website

Jamie R Hawkins

jrhawkins_2013_1Another outstanding local songwriter who joins us for a 2nd time and will be playing his own gig here in September. Jamie won the category in Acoustic / Folk of the UK Songwriting contest in 2011 and since then has pursued a solo career and has built up a great following ever since. He’s blown us away before and will do so again!

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You might remember last year hearing Malc going on and on about the gig that everyone missed, the audience was small but were totally knocked out and mesmerized by Mark and Malc will also tell you that his album was one of the best he’d bought in years.

Don’t miss him this time round!

Mark Abis may be a singer-songwriter who uses the basic tools of guitar and Harmonica but he is so much more than you might be led to believe from such a simplistic definition. The beauty is that different people hear Mark’s music in different ways and hear different influences. He enjoys a very symbiotic relationship with his crowds, mutally feeding and engaging with them so that every time he walks on stage you can be guaranteed something warm and intimate, as well as unique and individual.

Our opening support act this time is our dear friend and old favourite Mike Scott back to delight us with his sublime skill and canny wit!

Plenty of floorspots available along with our huge raffle!

Looks like a fun evening.

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