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Mark Abis may be a singer-songwriter who uses the basic tools of guitar and Harmonica but he is so much more than you might be led to believe from such a simplistic definition. The beauty is that different people hear Mark’s music in different ways and hear different influences. He enjoys a very symbiotic relationship with his crowds, mutally feeding and engaging with them so that every time he walks on stage you can be guaranteed something warm and intimate, as well as unique and individual.Tamsin

Our opening support act this time is Tamsin Rosie Quin, young singer/songwriter and guitarist from Malmesbury, Wiltshire..

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This coming Wednesday sees a debut gig in Seend from Devon’s Katie Whitehouse.  Katie is a true poet and storyteller in song. Her songs vary in subject matter wonderfully. From astonishingly intimate glances into what seems like a deeply personal world to witty, jaunty observations about all kinds of people and situations. Each is a window on the world told with a poetic, congruent skill that sounds as easy as falling off a log, it isn’t. Katie is fast becoming a master of her craft.

Katie will be joined by John Clarke from Essex and together they make the duo Heartwave. Katie’s personal lyrics and vulnerable vocals and keyboard playing were beginning to emerge in the South West when she heard one of John’s songs online and felt that he might be a kindred spirit.Also playing is Ken Parsons who resides in Holland.

KEN PARSONS is a Celtic Harper, singer and allround entertainer. What can you expect? Beautiful harp songs, deadly witty shortken parsons poems and crafted original songs in every posible style, funny, moving, thought provoking”

Ken is multi-instrumental and wth 20 years of singing experience he has a powerful and versatile voice- you can detect his background as a trained choir singer in his more delicate emotional songs but the next minute you hear the raucous harsh, punk, rock and roll and comedy voice he perfected after years as busker and entertainer in pubs and clubs. His own songs are well honed and he does covers as they should be done. Few singers can match his delivery, diction and rapid fire lyricism.

Plus we have a visitor all the way from Birmingham, Alabama who will be doing a floor spot so we have a very international feel this week!

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