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Tuesday 4th September 2012

Ali Finneran

Ali Finneran is a Singer/Songwriter from Swindon with a deep passion for music and its meaning. His songs contain many influences from the likes of old Blues records to the Folk revival scene of the 60’s and his lyrics are poetic forms of his thoughts and feelings on all topics from love to politics, war and nature. He started out by writing poetry and putting music to the words as a young teenager and a couple of years later found his sound and with help from a few friends got three of his songs recorded and put onto SignalRadio FM. Soon after, he was being asked to play a few local festivals and numerous pub gigs in Swindon and has recorded two CD’s that he sells at all his gigs.
Though a guitarist by trade, he has played gigs with his banjo in local pubs and many of his songs feature a Harmonica, much like his main comparison and one of his many influences, Bob Dylan.
He has done numerous gigs for charity and play’s his music at Biker Rally’s where his music has been greeted with love and admiration. Visit his website here

Support act will be an acoustic set from Shaun Buswell http://buswellmusic.com/

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Tuesday 21st August 2012


Ian Bennett – Guitar/Vocals/Percussion
Ruth Dix – Melodica/Piano/Percussion

Farrago write songs of adventure, sometimes noble but more often misguided; of loves sought and lost; and of the only thing which seems certain – the unexpected. Their unique folk-blues combination of acoustic guitar, haunting melodica and Ian’s beautiful vocals (likened to Leonard Cohen and Jeff Buckley) throw their audiences from heartbreak to euphoria.

Visit their website here

Old favourite and amazing witty songwriter Mike Scott will be doing the support slot this time round!

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