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Tuesday 5th June 2012

Light Garden £3

LightGarden began life as two musicians, David Moss and Masha Kaestner back in 2007. They stumbled upon guitarist Rob Colquhuon (and vice versa) in 2011 and suddenly discovered they were a three-piece. The igniting spark was a request to support two performances by Tibetan monks from the Tashi Lhunpo monastery, in October 2006. At these concerts, the combination of overtone chanting and church organ was born, which has touched audiences in a magical and unusual way ever since. Their music brings together many world influences along with classical training and their native folk / traditional roots in the music of UK, Ireland, Russia and Germany. Winners of a PRSF award for new and original music, LightGarden work from an intention to simply create the music which they feel connects to heart and body and pretty much everything else. They have performed at a range of venues and festivals including the Edinburgh Fringe, Rosslyn Chapel, Limetree Festival, York Fiesta, Glastonbury, Bath Fringe, and at Musicport Festival.

See their website here

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Saturday 26th May 2012

Henry Priestman £7.50 (Ticket only event)

Legendary songwriter and original member of The Christians. Henry wrote all the hits, Ideal World, Born Again, Forgotten Town.  Henry hadn’t sung between 1981 and 2008 when he re-launched himself as a solo singer/songwriter and released a brilliant album The Chronicles Of Modern Life.


Supporting and performing with Henry will be Killing No MurderJess Vincent and Chris Capel.  Please call 07702 967150 for tickets, it’s only 50 seats!

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Tuesday 15th May 2012
Adrian Byron Burns

Twice awarded ‘UK Acoustic Artist of the Year’, Adrian Byron Burns is recognised for his fabulous voice and incredible acoustic guitar playing as well as the originality of his material.

Unlike many contemporary bluesmen, Adrian Byron Burns doesn’t pretend that 60-some-odd years of musical development hasn’t occurred since Robert Johnson went to San Antonio. Jazz, funk, fusion, soul, R&B, and even straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll influences are apparent in his hard driving urban blues. His guitar work is clean and percussive, marked by rapid-fire single-note picking, rhythmic string damping, and artificial harmonics. While he includes a number of worthwhile originals, his fresh, contemporary twist on a number of blues classics, including “Crossroads” and “Sitting on Top of the World,” make this debut album stand out. (Bluetrack) —David Gold

View Adrian’s Website Here

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