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Our special guest for Tuesday 7th June is Nicola Clark who will also be opening Seend Acoustic Festival on September 10th.

As a live performer, Nicola is a must to see. I have seen her bring silence to a rowdy pub session with her beautiful voice and later have everyone in fits of laughter with a well-crafted, irreverent song.

I suppose you could say the songs are about seeking, finding, falling and not falling in love with tenderness, heartbreak, fun and humour.  Nicola’s clear, pure, voice rings out, accompanied by her very accomplished, guitar playing. Unlike many singer/songwriters whose words and melodies are very similar, her songs are very varied in pace and rhythm, light and shade, and are perfectly suited to her voice.

Nicola has, for several years written for a revue group, Kulture Brake and some tracks . . . have a delightful touch of the Music Hall reminiscent of some of the songs of Jake Thakeray.

Nicola is a poet, songwriter and performer and the artwork on her CD booklets  is also her own.

“…she occupies that area between Purcell, Edith Piaf and Arthur Askey.”

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